Friday, May 4, 2012

More innovative solutions to solar energy are on the way

This amazing breakthrough in harnessing nature's solar cells (extracting the proteins that cause photosynthesis in chlorophyll) and practically applying it to usable electricity is a dream that is one step closer to being realized thanks to MIT researcher Andreas Mershin in this exciting video.

I can see it now, a powdered substrate sprinkled onto existing asphalt shingles, then hosed down with a green goo substance that contains the protein extract from grass clippings that bonds with the powder, then hosed down by a polyurethane type epoxy that binds it all together.  You add in a couple of electrical tabs or leads into a battery bank, and you're roof is now a photovoltaic generation plant.

Hopefully scientists and engineers can one day make this dream efficient enough to be practical and real.  I hope to see that one day.  I am simply a huge fan of the Open Courseware at MIT and love the fact that they pioneered cutting edge research and education.  On a side note, it is nice to see Coursera a joint Ivy league schools initiative with Yale, Harvard, Stanford and others funding the iniative to provide free higher education curriculum like MIT pioneered with  OCW.MIT.EDU!

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