Tuesday, June 5, 2012

EV Charging Stations and Solar Power Plants Go Together

 Let Raj Dwivedi with Mercury Solar Systems help attract new business to your commercial space with solar powered parking ports.  33 available parking spaces will generate around 73,088 kWh which has a SREC value in MD of $18,250 at today’s SRECTrade value of $250/SREC or 1,000 kWh.
Get multiple benefits by installing PV solar carports:
  1. Shade and Protect Vehicles
  2. Maximize available land use without disturbing fields or green space for farming or playing
  3. Avoid roof repairs and costly structural upgrades to accommodate solar PV arrays 
  4. Provide smart EV charging stations in your lot space powered by solar PV arrays
This not only improves the value of your space, but brings new awareness to EV drivers of your commercially owned space.  Level 2 smart charge systems from providers such as Semaconnect provide commercial building owners with intelligent charger systems which can fully charge EV batteries in 4 hours and bill the metered usage directly to a credit card using their intelligent RFID system which functions much like the EZ Pass system.  A 15 minute trip to the store extends the range on the EV by 15 to 20 miles and EV drivers seek out EV charging sites.
The EV smart metered charging station is a profitable solution for commercial shopping sites where having a Solar PV array as the source of the power benefits the property owners in measurable ways that are extremely profitable and cash flow positive from day one. 
Commercial building owners can easily convert their parking spaces into revenue generating opportunities encouraging EV drivers to seek out their facilities. 

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