Friday, April 20, 2012

Mercury Solar Systems is among the nation's best solar experts according to Raj Dwivedi and others

I recently had a chance to visit Mercury Solar Systems in Portchester, NY and interview various senior leaders at the company and get a view of 10 different technologies in use today across the country generating solar power with different levels of efficiencies.  Every system that has been commercially built and installed in the US is on the roof of the company's headquarters, and is connected with a Locus monitoring system that also feeds in weather info in real time to a large 40" monitor in the lobby feeding real time data as to the power being produced by each array.  Solyndra's array is probably the most innovative in their tubular solar panels that are really light weight and efficient.  It is good to see that Mercury Solar Systems has positioned themselves on the east coast of the US as the premier authority that understands the solar system engineering, design, installation and provides ongoing operations and maintenance for any kind of system available.  Many solar companies have already gone out of business, but Mercury fixes and maintains other systems installed by their competitors.  Mercury Solar Systems has continued to grow by some 870% reaching the list of one of the 10 fastest growing solar energy companies in the US according to Inc. magazine and over 2000 installations under their belt in commercial, residential and in large utility solar farm projects.  Subsidies spawned the industry with incentives for both commercial and residential customers, but the facts are clear that solar is a solid investment even without the subsidies that provide parity to owners within 4 or 5 years just on pure economics of the power the solar arrays produce for their owners. 

Commercial trade contractors including construction companies, HVAC, electrical subcontractors,  roofing companies and builders of all variety would be wise to establish a relationship with the experts at Mercury Solar Systems representatives who can help them with solar installations for their customers by providing the system engineering, design and provide all the components with an unprecedented economy of scale and buying power from all major manufacturers of Photo-Voltaic film products, inverters, rack mounting systems and electrical knowledge. 

Contact Raj Dwivedi through email  or call at 410-992-2646 for information related to this article or before selecting a contractor or solar installation company.  A lot of the larger ones in Maryland have already shuttered their doors (including BP Solar's exit from the industry), or have approached Mercury Solar Systems to be acquired because they lack the access to compete with the engineering and design expertise as well as the master electricians and solar expertise.  

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