Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Solar City has been hiring Marines possibly for their expertise in mobile solar power generators using lithium ion batteries

The costs on these solar generators at half a million dollars are too high the way the Marines are configuring them to run their COC's and with the high capacity lithium-ion batteries to be practical for residential or commercial use.  However, it is interesting to note that Solar City who has been on a hiring spree to hire returning veteran and in particular Marines to act as sales reps for their residential system is experimenting with similar battery types as used on the Tesla motors power plants as home battery backup generators to replace the noisy gasoline, diesel or natural gas standby generators used by most people around the US.  We hope they get the costs down, but the interesting thing about solar is that it can be completely a net-zero cost to the homeowner or business if they can wait long enough to achieve the return on investment.  The subsidies offered by the states and federal governments in the US certainly speed the recovery of costs into the ROI formula, but from a sheer practicality stand point, solar energy is evolving to replace noisy and dirty energy backup solutions.

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